Finding a local dentist is very important because this will ensure you attend all of your dental appointments and the process will be a lot more convenient. A local dentist will be able to monitor the health of your gums and teeth and those in Chatham can use this guide to find the perfect local dentist:

  1. Ask your family and friends for recommendations. 
    • Your family and friends will provide you with honest feedback regarding their dentist and whether or not they would recommend them. This type of information is very valuable because it comes from people you know and trust and is a great way of finding a local dentist. You will hear about positive and negative experiences and will be able to make informed decisions based on this kind of feedback and asking your co-workers is also a good idea.
  2. Look online.
    •  You can also research different dentists online so take your time and look through different websites to see if you come across a dentist you like. You can read reviews, check locations and get a general idea of the clinic and what you can expect. Make a list of a few dentists and call them to see how well they respond to your questions and concerns. Customer service is very important and you need to ensure the clinic answers your calls or contacts you back in a timely manner.
  3. Visit the dental clinic in person. 
    • Once you finalize your list, visit the clinics in person to meet the dentists and to get a feel of the environment. The sitting room should be clean and the staff must be friendly and inviting because comfort is extremely important and you need to like the setting. Meeting the dentist will help you get an understanding of their willingness to answer your questions and they should be helpful and must take the time to welcome new patients. 
  4. Consider the location.
    •  The dental office you select must be easy to get to from work or from home so that you can get to your appointments on time. This will make scheduling a lot easier and you will enjoy the convenience factor so make sure you consider location along with office hours as this will tell you whether or not the dental clinic can accommodate your schedule. 
  5. Ask questions. 
    • Any reputable dental clinic will take the time to provide you with answers so do not be afraid to ask about the dentist’s education and training. You can also ask about their approach, the areas of dentistry they specialize in and whether or not they offer anesthesia or emergency dental treatments

Chatham Family Dental will take care of all your dental needs so do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. We will listen to your needs and will always provide our patients with a healthy smile so if you have any questions or are in need of more information, contact us today!