One way to reduce dental anxiety is to bring a friend or family member with you to the appointment. Your friend can distract you and calm you down while you’re having a dental procedure. Asking for the help of another trusted person during the dental visit may help you relax and associate the dental visit with positive feelings. Also, by rewarding yourself for making a dental appointment, you can develop a positive association between your dental visit and a reward.

Rewarding yourself for making an appointment

Reward yourself for keeping an appointment with your dentist in Chatham. This can be in the form of a special dinner, a new pair of shoes, or even a day off. Whatever you choose, the reward should be something that makes you happy. This will help you stay motivated to keep your appointment. Also, make sure you choose a reward before the appointment. It might be helpful to have someone else hold you accountable.

By giving yourself a reward, your brain will associate your dentist visits with pleasant activities. This will make future visits easier. In addition to rewarding yourself, consider attending a family dentist. Children, teens, and even adults associate dental visits with fun activities and are less likely to be anxious about future visits when they become accustomed to family dental trips, which prioritize the fun and engagement that helps distract patients from the “scary” dental equipment and procedures.

Having a reward to look forward to can help you overcome the fear. Instead of a crowded dentist’s office, try scheduling an appointment during a quiet afternoon when there will be fewer patients. A nice movie, a day at a nice restaurant, or even a new gadget can help you overcome your fear! The anticipation of the reward can make you less anxious. This way, you will feel more confident about the dentist’s office and get through the appointment with less fear and anxiety.

Dentist in Chatham

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